Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny Bathroom

Epic Cabbage

These heads of cabbage were HUGE! That's all I can say. Just huge.


We stumbled across a huge and awesome grocery store where I snapped some more photos -- Look how many sorts of mushrooms they had! Amazing.

More Fake Food!

Stan was carefully examining things to select his souvenirs and I took some photos -- this plastic food looks so real and AWESOME!

Tempura and Tentacles

We were trying to find some good tempura before we left Japan and we stumbled upon a tempura chain restaurant which was pretty tasty! We also ordered a tako and nori salad which was super cool looking with all the tentacles and suction cups I had to photograph! And that strange looking vegetable is a lotus root which tasted like a potato :)


There was a little promo outside of a camera store giving away free cardboard hats and letting people pose in front of the inflatable pikachu! Of course I was sprinting towards it and Stan came along :)

Asakusa - Shopping Street

Long row of shops to buy souvenirs and anything you can think of, and there's a huge lantern at one end. Amazing! And not too far from our hotel!

Shinkansen - Bullet Train in Action!

I caught a video clip of a train whizzing by the station while we waited for ours! Zoooooom!

Shinkansen- Bullet Train

After our tour of Mt. Fuji and Hakone we took the Shinkansen train home to Tokyo! These trains are fast! They go something like 200km/hr so it was only 40 min back to Tokyo. Weeee!

Stan - Portraits with Autumn Leaves

Here's Stan's photo shoot -- a bit goofier than mine, but some good shots still came out of it!

Jen - Photo Shoot with Autumn Leaves

This tree was beautiful so we snapped some portraits!

Plush Mt. Fuji!

It was so cute... I really wanted to buy one... but I resisted!

Mt. Fuji Visitor's Center

The clouds were kind of in the way at this point in the day but we still saw a nice view from the Mt. Fuji visitor's center.

Mt. Fuji Tour - Teacher/Guide

We learned many things from our tour guide. He taught us origami and how to use a hole in the ground style toilet. :)

Mt. Fuji - View from the Bus

Some of our best glimpses of Mt. Fuji were from the bus ride. I tried to grab a photo of Stan in front of it but it got kind of washed out. The peak of Mt. Fuji is definitely beautiful and we were fortunate it was a clear day to see it at all (even though we couldn't drive up the mountain due to ice).

Mt. Fuji Tour - Bus and Guide

On Friday, we booked a bus tour out to Mt. Fuji and Hakone, then took the Shinkansen home. It was a good way to get some history and insight of the country from a local who spoke English, our tour guide Tadashi! He was pretty funny too!