Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well I slacked off on blogging during our two day Disney marathon and during our one day Disney recovery period!! Disney is an all-day beat-your-feet-to-a-pulp sort of adventure but it was GREAT. The Disneyland park had most of our old favorites, and we rode Pirates of the Caribbean twice and ate in the Blue Bayou just like at home (but the food was a bit off and portions are definitely not American sized) -- the atmosphere is great in there!! Also saw the obligatory Disney Castle, a few parades, etc etc. And I hereby VOW to come into this blog later or after getting home and analyzing every single ride in detail for my memory books and for you readers out there. Since I'm an insane Disney fiend I will likely bore you to tears by recounting every detail of every ride. But for now, just a few snippets and back out on the streets!

Here's a few notable differences to keep you salivating for more blogging:
1. The Enchanted Tiki Room is all Lilo and Stitch/ Hawaiian themed!
2. It's Christmas time at Disney already -- this means MY FIRST TIME ON NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS HAUNTED MANSION RIDE YAYAYAYAY this was worth the trip to Japan in and of itself.
3. I didn't understand the obligatory jokes on the Jungle Cruise since the guide was speaking Japanese (but I caught it on video, it was so epic, Japanese people talk FAST and with so much animation in their voices and gestures!)

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