Saturday, November 13, 2010

Disney Sea

Okay, this park rocked my socks. It's all Disney, but completely different from the Disneyland back home! All new themed zones, all new rides... Ahhh.... again, like I mentioned before on the Disneyland post, I will come back and break it apart in the weeks to come but here are just a couple photos to keep you visiting!

Neat Factoids:
1. There is an entire Aladdin/Middle East themed zone where I met Jafar and we ate curry
2. There is an entire Little Mermaid themed zone which was super amazing though only filled with kiddie rides I loved the atmosphere
3. There's a new Indiana Jones ride themed to the new movie, Crystal Skull
4. That huge volcano looking thing, you can go inside and experience Journey to the Center of the Earth ride, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride
5. There's also the American Coast and Mediteranian Coast areas that are all beautiful made with the themes
6. I forget what else but there was a lot of awesomeness that I'll describe in detail later.

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